Peripheral Neuropathy Stem Cell Treatment to Heal Nerve Pain



The Peripheral Neuropathy Stem Cell Treatment is the most effective and fastest way to relieve nerve pain. It uses patented mesenchymal stem cells, which are harvested from healthy tissue, to send out trophic factors that guide neurons in rebuilding the nerves. This unique treatment also removes built up scarring (fibrosis) around the nerves, so that the nerves can be repaired and nerve pain can be eliminated quickly and effectively.

  • 200 Million Mesenchymal Stem Cells, delivered directly into the bloodstream via IV, to ensure the most effective and comprehensive results.
  • 50 Million Mesenchymal Stem Cells, injected intramuscularly to target the most affected areas for maximum healing efficiency.

Side Effects & Risk

  • Treatment may cause mild fever in 1 out of 100 patients. It can be easily alleviated with a simple over-the-counter medicine.
  • Mild headache on the day of treatment or the following day is also possible, which can be alleviated with a tylenol.
  • Despite all precautionary measures, some patients may not respond to treatment at all.